Dometic Optimus Electronic Power Steering (EPS) has been chosen to steer a heavy-duty workboat for the first time.

'Iron Jac'

Dometic Optimus Electronic Power Steering (EPS) has been installed in the 'Iron Jac' tugboat. Photo: Dometic Group

The leisure powerboat solution is now installed into the 25ft, 23t steel-hulled tug Iron Jac, a heavy commercial tugboat.

St. Johns Ship Building turned to Dometic Marine for their newbuild project and it was consequently decided that that a purpose-made Dometic Optimus EPS for inboards could be an ideal precise steering solution for the massive workboat.

Steve Ganoe, president of St. Johns Ship Building, said: “When I saw Dometic’s marine steering solution for leisure boat, it came up to my mind why not to use this precise and smooth instant steering control for our workboats? Together with Dometic, we broke new ground and I’m pleased with the result.”

A crew of experts at Dometic Marine (formerly SeaStar Solutions) went to work to tailor the ideal EPS system for this unique, heavy commercial vessel powered by twin 325-horsepower Cummins diesel engines. The system specified using two EC5390 cylinders for a twin rudder arrangement controlled via a single helm station set up. The selected system featured an EH1572 Electronic Helm and EM1200 PCM (Pump Control Module) linked to twin EP1503 EPS Pumps and separate Smart Cylinders to control the port and starboard rudders.

Eric Fetchko, president of Dometic Marine, said: “This is a somewhat unusual application for Dometic Marine’s very popular Optimus EPS system, but an entirely appropriate one."

By Rebecca Jeffrey