The Down Angle gearbox series WVSA which was launched by Reintjes at SMM 2016 will be presented at this year’s SMM as a “developed to the next level” product.

Reintjes ZWVSA 440 U HS06 Down Angle Gearbox

Reintjes ZWVSA 440 U HS06 Down Angle Gearbox

At its booth no. 207 in hall A4 the power train and gear specialist will display a ZWVSA 440 U HS06.

In close collaboration with customers Reintjes has upgraded its Down Angle construction, which enables a horizontal installation of the diesel engine while the propeller shaft is sloped downwards, by adding even more customer specific details.

Therefore the product naming ZWVSA 440 U HS06 exactly stands for: Z Zweigang (two speed gear) W Wende-Leichtgetriebe (reverse reduction gear in light weight design) V Achsversetzt (offset between input and output shaft) S für schnelle Schiffe (for fast vessels) A in Down-Angle-Ausführung (in Down Angle design) 440 Achsabstand (centre distance in mm) U Antrieb und Abtrieb auf derselben Seite (input and output shaft on same side) HS Hybrid System (Hybrid system included) 06 60kW E-Motor (60kW electric motor).

All these additional product details have not been developed as a showcase just for SMM, but have already been installed successfully in a real vessel. Furthermore the installation of the Fast Clutch 200 solution is possible on this gearbox enabling fast shifting times in less than two seconds.

By Jake Frith