Dredging in Figures is an annual review of the global dredging market published by the Netherlands based International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC).

The document focuses on the global dredging and maritime construction industry in 2015. The IADC aims to be thorough and precise in the figures presented in this document. The statistics provided are based on information from international sources as well as from the IADC member companies. This information indicates a growth of the worldwide turnover in the open dredging market of nearly 11%.

Advanced economies experienced falling unemployment but recovery was modest. Emerging markets and developing economies as a whole had a fifth consecutive year of declining growth. According to the IMF, the sources of slower growth in emerging markets and developing countries were diverse such as commodity and oil price declines (which were also affecting a few advanced economies adversely), to overhangs from past rapid credit growth and political turmoil.

Despite the slow growth and fluctuations in the world’s economy, the dredging industry’s turnoverin 2015 (excluding the closed markets) increased to €7.115 billion compared to €6.415 billion in 2014 mainly as a result of the sizable Suez Canal expansion project (€ 1.1 billion).

A free PDF download of Dredging in Figures 2015 is available at www.iadc-


By Larz Bourne