Rotterdam-based Tug Training & Consultancy (TTC) has signed an MoU with South African Maritime Training Academy (SAMTRA) to train tug masters, ship pilots and captains.

Covid-19 meant the Memorandum of Understanding had to be signed online (TT&C)

Covid-19 meant the Memorandum of Understanding had to be signed online (TT&C)

Shiphandling tug operations involve increasingly sophisticated vessels with an increasing focus on safety and efficiency making training for all involved more important than ever. TTC’s agreement to develop a strategic partnership with SAMTRA links the former’s knowledge and experience with SAMTRA’s Cape Town facility including state-of-the-art simulators covering most areas of ship operation.

TTC states the focus on acquiring skills and knowledge requires ‘facilitators’ rather than ‘experts’, its trainers able to tutor staff on the spot following SAMTRA’s Critical Incident Stress Debriefing method. TTC is the only ISO 9001 certified tug training company in the world setting ‘exceedingly high standards’ for training facilities it uses, a standard SAMTRA meets.

SAMTRA offers ‘real-world insights’ for the maritime industry’s challenges equipping students with the tools for mitigating risk and overcoming odds through an in-depth understanding of situations they face.

When tugs attend a ship either arriving or departing from a port the pilot is the vital link between the vessel’s master and the tugs, so a clear understanding of each participant’s role and limitations are crucial for a safe evolution. TTC states that joint pilot, tug master training is requested more and more globally for both port and offshore training and that such team work activity is one of the key training programmes of TTC that will now be conducted at SAMTRA.

Patrick Everts, TTC general manager said: ‘We are extremely happy with this strategic partnership. Unfortunately, we had to sign the MoU online due to Covid-19 restrictions, but we are delighted that we can start offering our training within days from now since we provide the theory part of the training online. Trainees can finish their education at a later stage with the simulator training in Cape Town, and get their official certificate

David Wolfaardt, academic head of SAMTRA said: ‘We are very pleased that we can continue building asset value for our clients through integrated, innovative, education and training solutions for the maritime industry and offshore sector with this strategic partnership. We are confident that together we will provide a large number of well-trained professionals to the South African maritime industry’.

By Peter Barker