A next generation CTV design for the offshore wind market offers enhanced vessel capabilities with a reduced environmental footprint and hybrid drive options.

Strat Cat 27

Strategic Marine’s Strat Cat 27 (SC27) has an improved hull design. Photo: Strategic Marine

Strategic Marine’s Strat Cat 27 (SC27) is an evolution of the Strat Cat 26 and has an improved hull design that maximises the waterline length. This improves the operational efficiency across a large range of loading conditions thereby reducing emissions and fuel consumption. It is designed for flexibility and can be fitted with various engine makes and can reach in excess of 30 knots at full speed.

“It is with great pleasure that we announce the SC27 following a close and collaborative approach with our design partner BMT. It is technically advanced with multiple upgrades and propulsion options providing excellent flexibility for our customers.” Said Strategic Marine’s Technical Manager Greg Daniel.

Choice of features

Owners can choose between several options on the propulsion system, deck cranes, active fender system, ride control etc.

The bridge deck layout has been enhanced with improved visibility from the helm and an ergonomic layout to increase comfort.

SC27 is offered with two superstructure options for either 24 or 12 technicians. The larger asymmetric version offers a 30% area increase in the main deck cabin compared with the Strat Cat 26, while the smaller version provides the vessel with less than 200GT, which in some jurisdictions allows for reduced crew numbers and lower OPEX.

The SC27 design is also designed to reduce both the risk of infectious disease and any impact on the environment. It can meet relevant classification society biosafety and environmentally friendly notations, including Green Passport for ship recycling.

By Rebecca Jeffrey