PowerCell has secured a marine hydrogen fuel cell order for two Torghatten Nord ferries as part of Norway’s plan to cut its carbon footprint.

The Torghatten Nord ferries will be powered by PowerCell marine hydrogen fuel cells

Source: PowerCell

PowerCell has secured an order for marine hydrogen fuel cells for two Torghatten Nord ferries

The order has a value of €19.2 million and represents the largest non-combustion fuel propulsion project to date in the global marine industry.

“This is a groundbreaking project not just for PowerCell or Norway, but for the entire marine industry and one that we are very happy and proud to be part of,” said Richard Berkling, CEO of PowerCell.

”Norway led the development in the introduction of liquefied natural gas in the marine industry and now the country is taking an important step to establish green hydrogen as a clean energy source for our hard to abate sector.”

Green power

The company’s PowerCellution Marine System 200 will enable the ferries to produce approximately 6MW of power each.

Because they will be predominantly powered by green hydrogen, they are expected to reduce their combined CO2 emissions by 26,500 tonnes per year. This corresponds to the CO2 emissions from 13,000 diesel cars per year being removed from the roads.

This order is part of a Norwegian government initiative that aims to see all ferries crossing the Vestfjorden between Lofoten and Bodø in Northern Norway be emission-free. 

The ferries, each with a capacity of 599 passengers and 120 cars, are scheduled to operate from October 2025 as part of a replacement programme for similar sized and operable fossil energy-powered ferries.

PowerCell will work with leading Norway’s SEAM to deliver the solution, which will be responsible for the electrical installations on the ferries. Torghatten Nord and PowerCell also intend to enter into a long-term service agreement.

Final delivery is to take place in the fourth quarter of 2024.