Five wave energy projects have been chosen to develop their concepts in the next phase of the EuropeWave programme.

Trimaran (Arrecife Energy Systems), Sea-Saw WEC (AMOG Consulting), ACHIEVE (CETO Wave Energy Ireland), MARMOK Atlantic (Architecture SAU) and Blue Horizon 250 (Mocean Energy) will all progress to the second round in the ‘Phase Gate’ process, sharing a €3.6 million pot over the next nine months to create a prototype ready for trials during Phase 3.


Based on a similar programme devised by Wave Energy Scotland (WES), EuropeWave is an R&D programme combining almost €20 million of national, regional and EU funding to create a pre-commercial procurement programme (PCP) for wave energy technology.

“EuropeWave is about propelling the wave energy sector further towards commercialisation,” explained Tim Hurst, managing director of WES.

“Scotland’s collaboration with our European partners and the five successful technology developers means we have an ideal platform for supporting Scotland’s and Europe’s ambitious net zero targets, all while fostering greater openness, standardisation and risk-sharing.”

In the third and final phase of the EuropeWave PCP, three prototype designs will be deployed at the open-water facilities of Biscay Marine Energy Platform in the Basque Country and European Marine Energy Centre in Scotland for a 12-month demo and testing programme.