Decom Engineering has developed its largest Chopsaw to date in response to increased demand for larger sized subsea pipe cutting.

The C1-46 Chopsaw has been designed to cut tubulars and other materials up to 46 inches, making easy work of a wide range of materials, including inconel alloys, duplex and concrete.

Decom Engineering C1-46 Chopsaw

Source: Decom Engineering

The C1-46 is Decom’s largest Chopsaw to date

The company says it invested £1 million (€1.175 million) in this latest model.

“Our commitment to research and development is a differentiator and making this significant investment to bring the C1-46 Chopsaw to market was a result of clients indicating they would welcome larger sized cutting options,” said managing director Sean Conway.

“The saw clamps are designed to penetrate the seabed/sediment and to minimise the need for trenching.”

The C1-46 Chopsaw can be operated in water depths of up to 2km and is currently deployed on its first project on a UK North Sea workscope, which involves cutting large surface laid 36” pipelines with 57mm concrete coating, along with other large pipelines.

With the ability to cut in any orientation, the C1-46 is capable of 20 to 100 cuts per blade with a range of setting to suit different needs.

Multiple lifting points mean the tool can be used at a range of angles, and cuts can be completed whilst subsea or held in wet storage, without returning to the surface.

The tungsten carbide tipped saw can be operated topside or by remotely operated vehicle (with hot stab capability).