Yanmar Power Technology (YPT), a subsidiary of Yanmar Holdings, says its fuel cell can be installed in work boats and passenger ships as well as cargo ships, and is aimed at coastal areas where hydrogen refuelling is relatively accessible.

The system comprises eight tanks with a combined power of 250kW, which allows a speed of 22 knots.

300kW fuel cell system by Yanmar Power Technology

YPT says the technology is necessary to allow vessel operators to meet the IMO’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and that it is also working on safety guidelines for hydrogen fuel cell vessels and a plan to roll hydrogen out further within the marine industry.

The fuel cell system is 3,000kg in weight and gives off no CO2, NOx, SOx or particulate matter, YPT claims. The low-vibration, quiet system has been given ClassNK Approval in Principle.

“YPT has engaged in multiple initiatives, including navigational tests of demonstration ships equipped with hydrogen fuel cells and conducting high-pressure hydrogen refueling tests for ships,” says the company. “Yanmar aims to provide total solutions for decarbonisation and digitalisation of ships with comprehensive designs covering the entire powertrain, encompassing power storage, power management, propulsion, hydrogen storage systems and more.”

Yanmar is also working with electric powertrains that are combined with lithium-ion batteries and motors.