Organisers of BASE-Platform, a two-year EU-funded research project aimed at establishing a new and easily accessible internet platform for provision of bathymetric data products derived from current and upcoming Copernicus and other satellite missions, are now seeking considered user views at www.base-platform .com.

The project aims to refine existing techniques in satellite-derived and crowd-sourced bathymetry while developing methods and tools for merging data. Other objectives include integrating data with tidal modelling for reducing depths to local chart datums via data portals. Involving prospective end-user trials scheduled for the Balearic Islands, Channel Islands, Mauritius and the Wadden Sea, its impact is expected to significantly influence current market and survey methodologies in the way data can be accessed and used.

The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) in Cologne is coordinating the project. Other participants are EOMap (Germany), MARIS and Delatares (Netherlands), ISAT (Spain), FIND and SMART (UK). A joint in-person and online workshop is/was due to be held in Barcelona on 9 February.

By David Goodfellow