Italian tug owner, Fratelli Neri S.p.A, has ordered its first Damen tug, an ASD 3212, the first ASD tug in the Mediterranean region equipped with a Damen Render Recovery Escort winch.

Besides this new tug which will be delivered in December 2015, the company has also ordered two additional second-hand Stan tugs 2608 from Damen Trading.

Andrea Trevisan, Damen sales manager, North, West and South Europe, said: “We are extremely delighted that this prestigious Italian, family-owned company has purchased its first new Damen tug. It was on stock and customised with the Italian flag including fire-fighting – water spray – notation as well as oil recovery notation.”

This innovative tug design includes a completely revised hull form and a higher bow, resulting in better speed and a dry foredeck. The first ship handling tug winch in the world to be fully classified, its hydraulically powered, double drum winch has an impressive maximum brake holding load of 200 tonnes.

With a bollard pull of over 80 tonnes, and excellent seakeeping and manoeuvrability, it can cope with higher wave heights when assisting large tankers and container vessels in open and challenging waters.

“Staying connected to the assisted ship is vital for tug operation and very high peak loads can lead to the towline breaking. The Render Recovery winch has proven it is far more reliable and faster in demanding sea escort operations in recovering a line than a normal winch is,” added Mr Trevisan.

By Anne-Marie Causer