According to Martek Marine, despite the poor reputation of fuel additives in general, its NanOx™ fuel additive is a secret weapon that''s revolutionising fuel efficiency in the marine industry.

Fuel additives are nothing new and high quality ones can make a real difference, says Martek. Not only in terms of reduced emissions but also lower operating costs, something every business on the planet is striving for.

The problem though is that a few “charlatans” have led to many businesses questioning both the reputation and reliability of additives.

The Snake Oil concept was labelled at the product, something which Martek Marine have worked hard to dispel.

Their NanOx™ fuel treatment is claimed to be backed 100% by science meaning it can make promises, which the company says are backed up by fact.

The treatment works through nanotechnology – so small, it can’t be seen with the naked eye and ensures that all of a vessel’s fuel is used to its maximum potential.

So not only will it, the company claims, significantly increase fuel efficiency by 7% and reduce emissions by 25% it will also save money on every single journey because no fuel is wasted.

Claims for NanOx™ are not just about the present through, it is also claimed to reduce engine wear, meaning you can extend time between services, cutting maintenance costs and improving the life span of the engine.

The particles are also said to effectively blast away existing carbon build up and residue to improve the overall engine performance and power by 10%.

The additive is effective in all grades and types of gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, kerosene, heating oil, propane/ butane, bio-fuels, light, medium and heavy fuel oils and carries a letter of no objection from Wartsila.

“Too many charlatans have been peddling untrue rumours about the efficacy of fuel additives which has led to the 'snake oil' concept being applied in the industry,” said Martek Marine CEO Paul Luen.

“As a result there have long been concerns that there's no real science behind claims that are made about products.

“But our product NanOx™ is 100% back by science and independently backed by the TUV.

“To our knowledge no other product on the market can boast of this so don't just take our word for it - take that of one of the world's leading testing houses.”

By Jake Frith