A generator rotation tool (GRT) from MacArtney will help create efficient solutions for long-term storage of wind turbine nacelles and helps ensure max lifespan of turbines.

Generator rotation tool (GRT) from MacArtney

Generator rotation tool (GRT) from MacArtney

The nacelles are subject to long-term storage and therefore require maintenance to prevent bearing degradation during standstill. If not regularly rotated, the main bearings may suffer corrosion and quality damage, for which reason keeping components well-lubricated at all times is important.

The battery-powered and radio-controlled mobile unit supplied by MacArtney is remotely driven under the nacelle with hub and mounted generator, while the nacelle is stored on its transport frame. After correct positioning of the GRT under the generator, the fully automated process is initiated.

Equipped with embedded software and an intelligent battery package, the GRT is able to operate efficiently and silently 10 hours a day.

Performing at least five complete 360° revolutions every 14 weeks, the GRT provides for a practice of keeping the main bearing well-lubricated as the GRT makes sure that the grease in the bearing is properly distributed.

MacArtney’s portfolio of underwater technology systems and products has proven itself an ideal basis for giving advice to and supplying the rapidly growing renewable energy sector. Many of the existing MacArtney products are directly transferable to offshore renewable energy applications.

By Jake Frith