Exhibiting at Seawork for the third consecutive year, UK south coast-based Gill Sensors & Controls has introduced another new sensor technology, which has been developed to provide insight into the health of gearbox and transmission systems.

Gill has unveiled its latest monitoring sensor

Gill has unveiled its latest monitoring sensor

The 4212 Industrial and Standard Oil Condition Monitoring Sensors are the latest products within the GScondition range to offer continuous real-time monitoring of ferrous wear and failure particles in oil. The sensors are well suited to a range of applications including vessel gearbox and transmission systems, motorsport vehicles and wind turbine gearboxes.

The Condition Monitoring Sensors feature three output channels to measure the most common modes of machinery failure – ferrous wear, water contamination and oil presence, to provide the earliest warning sign of potential catastrophic breakdown.

Solid particle contamination is a major cause of lubrication system breakdown, which can not only be costly to fix, but can result in very high recovery costs when unscheduled downtime occurs.

Through continuous real-time monitoring, the GScondition range provides an insight into the health of gearbox and transmission systems, allowing for planned investigation and repairs to be carried out before costly breakdown occurs. Furthermore the sensors provide a positive return on investment by helping to maximise equipment availability and optimise servicing.

By Rebecca Strong