French/ US Orion Naval Engineering which was initially founded in 2010 by a group of naval engineers, has signed a future project agreement with Eca Group, a company that has been internationally recognized for their expertise in robotics, automated systems and industrial processes.

Together, the two companies say they will build passenger ships with hybrid propulsion, advise and assist in the implementation of ship designs, manufacturing, maintenance, support and naval system services. This partnership will allow both parties to respond more efficiently and economically to their demanding clientele.

“Our current focus is in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.” said an Orion Naval representative. “We will be providing both cities with green boats in order to increase clean energy. We also hope to decongest the traffic within the city’s waterways. We have organized a structure to allow businesses and individuals the opportunity to rent the batteries associated with hybrid propulsion engines.”

Orion is located in France and In Fort Lauderdale (USA) The company says it ‘embraces all of the aspects involved in ship construction from hull design to exterior styling, construction supervision and marine survey’. Within the last five years, the company has been part of several important projects, including the responsibility of providing the catamaran shuttle boats to Bordeaux in November 2011.

By Jake Frith