When acquiring a new workboat, both range and environmental credentials were important factors, says Johnny Breivik, Harbour Director at the Port of Bergen.

'Sydnes' is an Alusafe 1500 MPV from Maritime Partner

'Sydnes' is an Alusafe 1500 MPV from Maritime Partner

The speed and range of the new Sydnes, an Alusafe 1500 MPV from Maritime Partner, meet the first requirement and the battery pack ensures the second requirement are met. -We are taking an important step towards an emission-free port.

“From now on we will be able to work in the inner harbour and along the quays on batteries only. The boat will be able to operate silently and run completely emission-free”, said Breivik. “When sailing in the fjords, Sydnes will engage the diesel engines, and the range increases considerably. We have a large district that stretches from Fedje in the north to Bjørnafjorden in the south, so getting there quickly means a lot”.

The Alusafe 1500 MPV is fitted with a large work deck in front, bow ramp and crane as well as a spacious wheelhouse. It is suitable for most tasks a modern port requires. The boat will operate in a large area, so it needs to have both speed and capacity to cover the necessary distances. With the crane and hydraulic winch, the vessel is equipped to handle a variety of tasks: maintenance of port installations, towing of boats, personnel transport, rescue missions, as well as the possibility to assist in oil spill operations.

The boat is equipped with 110kWh batteries from Corvus Energy and 2x510hp diesel engines connected to water jets. Using batteries only will give the boat a two-hour range at 4-5 knots. Running conventional engines gives a further 5 hours of sailing at 27 knots.

By Jake Frith