The International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) has presented its Young Author Award 2018 to Francois de Keuleneer, an environment engineer for Belgium’s DEME Group.

The Award is given annually ‘to stimulate the promotion of new ideas and encourage younger men and women in the dredging industry’. This year’s award winner was selected from the proceedings of the 34th PIANC World Congress, which was held in May in Panama. Francois De Keuleneer co-authored and also delivered the presentation of ‘Enhancing Workability by Operational Wave Modelling’. His co-authors include Joris de Vroom of BMT Argoss and Arjan Mol of DEME Group.

The award winner’s work for DEME focuses on wave data acquisition systems and the workability of vessels. He is also a member of the supervisory board of Ecosystem Restoration Camps, an organisation applying cooperative efforts for the ecological restoration of degraded lands.

The paper introduced an innovative workability tool (WoTo) to objectify decision making process regarding work under harsh weather conditions, especially in regions around the world with problematic wave climates. De Keuleneer gave a clear and well received presentation of the paper, which was followed by an insightful question and answer session with the audience.

By Larz Bourne