UK jack-up barge provider Red7Marine will carry out the piling for a deep-water berth for the Port of Portland in Dorset.

Work is being done to replace the 1978 island berth, which was built from a suspended reinforced concrete deck on steel piles. 


Courtsey Red7Marine

Red7Marine will use its 1,000t jack-up barge Haven SeaChallenger to install 136 steel tubular piles, making use of its bull rail arrangement on the port side, which allows a pile gate fitment to be used as a gating system. A 400m combi-wall structure will be installed.

”We’re looking forward to using our Haven SeaChallenger for the piling - it is a 1,000t monohull jack-up barge built by Japanese manufacturer Nippon, more than double the size of our previous largest jack-up,” said Red7Marine Managing Director Kristen Branford.

The company will also use its 400t Haven SeaSeven jack-up barge and Haven SeaStabler, a moduilar stabilised barge that is a cross between a flat-top barge and a jack-up barge, to support the work.

Once completed, Portland will be able to accommodate larger cruise liners, Panamax bulk carriers and fleet auxiliary vessels.