Classification society has launched a remote compliance- verification system for electronic navigation systems and integrated network equipment.

Covering onboard ystems and data collection infrastructure, onshore systems and data standards as well as system health monitoring, the system allows vessel operators to keep better track of hardware and software updates and replacements.


Hurtigruten’s coastal express ship Polarlys, which piloted DNV’s NAUTConnect

Courtesy Hurtigruten


The society worked with Kongsberg Digital and Maritime and the travel group Hurtigruten, which was one of several ship operators that piloted the service.

As shipping becomes more and more connected, the efficiency and safety of e-navigation are becoming more and more important, DNV Maritime technical director Geir Dugstad said.

“As we go forward, we are looking into covering additional functions, such as communication and control systems in addition to navigation, as we continue to work with system and data collection vendors and scale up our continuous, automated and data-driven solutions,” he said.

Kongsberg Maritime principal engineer Gudbrand Strømmen said Kongsberg Maritime had provided access to key systems data such as topology information and relevant alerts.

“We saw NAUTConnect very early on as an excellent opportunity for joint development, adding value for both parties and contributing to adding content and services to our Kognifai Ecosystem,” said Kongsberg Digital vice president Kim Evanager.

”At Hurtigruten we use navigational systems vendors across our fleet and are looking forward to DNV extending the development to more manufacturers so that we can run this on all our ships,” said Gerry Larsson-Fedde, Hurtigruten coastal managing director. Hurtigruten tested and evaluated the system on its coastal express ship MS Polarlys.

As the IMO’s ’e-navigation’ strategy unrolls, systems such as NAUTConnect are bound to become the norm.