Global Maritime has completed marine warranty surveying (MWS) on CorPower Ocean’s HiWave-5, one of the world’s first grid connected wave farm demo projects.

CorPower Ocean's HiWave-5 project is a bid to make wave energy competitive with wind and solar

Wave power

Source: CorPower Ocean

CorPower Ocean’s HiWave-5 project is a bid to make wave energy competitive with wind and solar

Located approximately 5.5 km off the north coast of Portugal, the project utilises CorPower Ocean’s C4 wave energy converter (WEC), which will form a four-system array a bid to make wave energy competitive with wind and solar.

“With the pile anchor on this project likely to be one of the main anchoring systems used for marine energy devices, in particular mooring systems for commercial floating wind farms, we are now well placed to support future renewable energy projects that utilise the technology deployed at HiWave-5,” said Scott Cruttenden, director of business development and renewables at Global Maritime.

Benchmark project

Global Maritime was chosen to perform MWS services on various elements of the project including the 100 tonne, 6.0km subsea export cable and the anchor pile installation which will be used to support the first commercial scale UMACK anchor and WEC as part of the landmark project.

The marine and renewable services specialist also undertook MWS services on the WEC from the quayside in Portugal prior to its deployment in the water later this year.

“We chose Global Maritime as the MWS partner on this landmark project because of their competitiveness and reputation as world leaders in Marine Warranty services. We needed a provider that had demonstrated expertise on large-scale projects and someone at the forefront of their industry,” said Natalia Ivanova, marine operations coordinator at CorPower Ocean.

“The team from Global Maritime have provided thorough and high-level services throughout the project and we are hopeful that we will get to work with them on future developments.”

HiWave-5 is a collaborative project with Portuguese electricity company EDP, SimplyBlue Group and ENEL Green Power. The project aims to deliver certified and warrantied WEC products to the market by 2024, propelling wave energy into the future green energy mix.