Heerema will install 64 offshore monopiles in the latest German wind farm project

The foundations for 64 offshore wind monopiles will be transported and installed in the German North Sea by Heerema Marine Contractors, the firm has announced.

He Dreiht

He Dreiht

He Dreiht is the third wind farm in the North Sea operated by German energy firm EnBW, which also operates the Hohe See and Albatros sites. It also has two wind farms in the Baltic Sea.

He Dreiht will be the firm’s largest in terms of generating capacity, at 900MW.

According to a report in December by the Center for Strategic and International Studies based in Washington, DC, Germany is third in the world in offshore wind capacity with about 7.7GW. It plans to increase capacity by about 290% to 30GW by 2030, the CSIS says, as part of its strategy to develop the production of hydrogen using offshore wind.

“The government has significantly scaled back its economic support for developers in recent years, pointing to recent zero-subsidy bids as an indication that the industry can compete on its own now,” the CSIS says.

Heerema will deploy its IHC IQIP double-walled noise mitigation system NMS-10,000 to reduce noise pollution in installing the monopiles, the company says.

“We are committed to increasing our market share in large monopile installations for offshore wind, and are proud to be chosen to enable EnBW to deliver 900MW of renewable energy,” said Jeroen van Oosten, Heerema’s offshore wind director.