Kongsberg Digital has signed a fleet agreement to provide its vessel-to-cloud infrastructure, Vessel Insight, to more than 100 vessels.

 This massive deal has been signed with ‘a large industrial shipowner in the tanker segment’, the identity of which is currently confidential.


This is a significant ‘whole fleet’ agreement for Kongsberg Digital

Vessel Insight Connect is an SaaS-based solution that provides vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure capturing and aggregating quality data in a cost effective and secure way.

The solution provides instant and easy access to fleet overview, vessel specific dashboards and data analysis tools. Through Kognifai Marketplace, ship owners have access to a large range of applications and services that can turn their data into business value.

One of the main goals of Vessel Insight is to drive sustainability in the shipping industry by providing actionable insight from analysis of operational vessel data. The consistent and standardized way of collecting data through Vessel Insight enables quality reporting, empowers transparency, and allows for in-depth analysis to optimize vessel and fleet performance. 

“We are now seeing a shift in the industry to ship owners becoming more eager to digitize entire fleets. Our solutions can make a greater impact for these shipowners and operators and make it faster than ever,” said Andreas Jagtøyen, SVP Digital Ocean in Kongsberg Digital.