Kaiko Systems has joined forces with Eyesea to partner up on marine pollution reporting.

Kaiko Systems will expand its platform to collect relevant pollution data for Eyesea

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Source: Kaiko Systems

Kaiko Systems will expand its platform to collect relevant pollution data for Eyesea

The company equips seafarers with a mobile app that digitises manual operations onboard cargo vessels and marries up nicely with EyeSea’s to map global pollution and maritime hazards.

“Ocean health is one of our team’s passions. We are inspired by the mission and progress of Eyesea, and how they work with environmental data to combat pollution,” said Fabian Fussek, co-founder & CEO of Kaiko Systems.

“It is a natural decision for us to join Eyesea as a member and support them with our resources and knowledge. Not only are our missions aligned, but also our flexible technology platform can be expanded to collect relevant pollution data.”

Mapping partnership

Eyesea’s mobile application allows individuals to submit geotagged photographs which the organisation plans to use to identify what makes up maritime pollution, its density, and where clean-up efforts can have the greatest impact.

The Kaiko Systems’ app includes planning, documenting and verifying of maintenance work, safety inspections, checklists and any type of manual data collection. Automatic verification generates actionable insights for technical managers and vessel owners.

“As Kaiko Systems is already working with hundreds of seafarers and cargo ships worldwide, this partnership will make it even easier to collect more pollution data.” said Graeme Somerville-Ryan, founder of Eyesea.

“Beyond that, what is perhaps even more important to our future growth and success is the input from the Kaiko Systems’ founders in terms of the maritime industry understanding and technical expertise.”

Among other things, the collaboration means that crews can use an additional, separate module within the Kaiko Systems app to collect pollution data. This will greatly simplify and speed up the mapping of hard-to-collect pollution at sea.

In addition, there will be regular meetings between the two parties in which will further development and optimisation of the Eyesea app will take place.