Trelleborg has added a new product to its SafePilot navigation and piloting range. 

Designed to overcome limitations of AIS and WIFI, the portable SafePilot CAT PRO product ’is specifically designed for use in demanding applications that require the highest positioning and speed accuracy such as when piloting in narrow channels and confined waters’, according to Trelleborg.

Trelleborg's new SafePilot CAt PRO

Trelleborg’s new SafePilot CAT PRO

It uses Real-time Kinematic (RTK) corrections to deliver Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) positional awareness and speed accuracy to one centimetre per second, and an independent heading accuracy to 0.01 degrees.

It also displays high-density bathymetric seabed data to meet the International Hydrographic Organisations’s S-102 standard, Trelleborg says, which allows the system to be used in challenging manoeuvres, and has an extended battery life of 30 hours.

“Piloting requires the safest, most efficient and reliable technology,” said Tommy Mikkelsen, Managing Director of the company’s Marine and Infrastructure operation in Denmark. ”It demands exceptional performance, ease of operation and high position and speed accuracy to facilitate optimum approach, berthing and departure. The launch of the SafePilot CAT PRO is the latest example of our long-standing commitment to further strengthen our navigation and piloting offering.”

The system has been developed in conjunction with marine pilots around the world, says Trelleborg. It can be used in combination with the xompany’s SmartPort, which powers the interface between ship and p[ort on and off land.

Port operators using it can analyse performance data and thus improve decision making, which in turn improves safety, efficiency and sustainability.

”The system integrates assets like fenders, mooring equipment, ship performance monitoring, and navigation systems through a network of sensors, underpinned by cloud and Internet of Things technologies,” the firm says.