Five commercial ships have conducted sea trials using wind propulsion technologies.

The Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion project has been funded by the EU Regional Development Fund, which has worked with five commercial large ships that were equipped with different technologies and examined by third parties to verify actual fuel savings achieved.

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Partners in wind-assisted ship propulsion project

Eighteen large ships have already been equipped with wind-assisted propulsion technologies, and stakeholders hope this number will rapidly increase.

“Existing wind propulsion technologies offer free, non-polluting energy which is available to ships at sea without investments in fuel infrastructure. Wind is more efficient than any green fuel will ever be and is non-affected by war and the oil crises,” said Kare Press-Kristensen, senior advisor for Green Transition Denmark.

“If we can reduce fuel consumption just a tiny bit by using wind, it is worth considering - especially when taking the price gap between fossil and green fuels into consideration,” said Maria Skipper Schwenn, Executive Director, Climate Environment and Security with Danish Shipping, which has pledged to be ‘climate neutral’ by 2050.