Two new 27m crew transfer vessels have been delivered out of Strategic Marine’s new Benoi Road shipyard in Singapore

WEM 5 and WEM 6 are the first CTVs out of Strategic Marine's new Benoi Road shipyard

CTV builds

Source: Straegic Marine

WEM 5 and WEM 6 are the first CTVs out of Strategic Marine’s new Benoi Road shipyard

The two crew transfer vessels (CTVs) for WEM Marine Ltd are built to the company’s Stratcat 26 design and have been designed to meet the operational requirements of UK and European waters where they will go into service.

“This latest delivery further cements Strategic Marine’s solid, proven reputation for building CTVs for renewable energy industries all around the world and builds upon our excellent relationship with WEM Marine,” said Chan Eng Yew, CEO of Strategic Marine.

”Our customers value our experience and our ability to effectively tailor our vessel design to different operational requirements, ensuring the finished vessel is absolutely fit for purpose.”

Efficient propulsion

The vessels, WEM 5 and WEM 6, are powered by two Caterpillar C32 engines driving fixed pitch propellers providing a robust and efficient propulsion system. 

When fully operational, 24 technicians and six crew can be comfortably accommodated onboard and personnel transfer to the wind turbines is facilitated by a patented active fendering system.

These vessels are sister vessels to two CTVs delivered to WEM Marine in the summer of 2021 and all four have been delivered on schedule and to budget, despite the challenges of the global pandemic.

The new vessels recently completed their sea trials with David Ford, managing director of WEM Marine joining the crew to put the CTVs through their paces. Both vessels delivered speeds exceeding 26 knots.

Mr Ford said: “I am delighted to accept delivery of these two vessels, which will form an integral part of our fleet. Joining the Strategic Marine team for the sea trials further cemented our close working relationship and Strategic Marine’s professionalism, commitment to quality and attention to detail has made it a pleasure to follow the progress of these two vessels from design and build, through to delivery.”