Shipowners will be able to reduce the time taken to carry out a survey with a new partnership offering drones for inspections.

Dutch Drone Company

RIMS is now able to offer drone package service to shipowners. Credit: RIMS

RIMS has partnered with Dutch Drone Company (DDC) which will enable it to offer service inspections for assets including ship hulls, mobile offshore structures and cranes, with drones capable of remote live on-screen object inspection, whilst eliminating the need for resource intensive rope access teams, minimising risk and reducing costs.

David Knukkel, CEO of RIMS, said: “Corporation with DDC offers us a new service which we can extend to our customers. Collectively we not only have the best equipment and skills to execute a top-class inspection, but we have all safety systems and permits in place to ensure full compliance with all regulations (legal and customer specific), enabling us to act quickly on market demands.”

Feye de Zwart, CEO of DDC, commented: “We are a fully certified drone operator and currently the only company allowed to carry out inspection flights in the Controlled Traffic Regions (CTR) around airports. A large area of the Rotterdam harbour is located in this CTR.”

By Rebecca Jeffrey