A maritime secure sensor data and IoT platform has received Approval in Principle (AiP) from Bureau Veritas.

Stefano Poli

Stefano Poli, vice president of business development at Inmarsat Maritime. Image: Inmarsat

Conditions of approval for Fleet Data from Inmarsat verify that Fleet Data can be installed safely on board, without its operation affecting existing navigation, safety and radio communication systems.

“Bureau Veritas is an innovator in maritime digitalisation,” said Jean-François Segretain, technical director at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore. “Granting this AiP to Fleet Data offers powerful evidence of our strategy to lead the way when it comes to supporting the technologies that will truly transform our industry and to provide the required confidence in users and stakeholders.”

Secure access

The Fleet Data IoT platform draws on different sources for data, including onboard sensors, the ship’s voyage data recorder (VDR) or the Integrated Automation System. Data is pre-processed and transferred ashore by satellite connection. Users access a secure online dashboard that is virtually connected via Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to the analytic, monitoring and management tools available through the IoT.

The bandwidth-inclusive platform allows ship owners and managers to take control of sensor data collected on board, pre-process, extract and aggregate it in cloud-based storage to be exploited by the operator’s own decision-making software or third party applications.

Fleet Data is available via Fleet Xpress and will soon be rolled out to Inmarsat FleetBroadband users.

“Securing approval demonstrates that the maritime industry’s impartial standard bearers on safety, security and the environment identify Fleet Data as supportive of their objectives,” commented Stefano Poli, vice president of business development at Inmarsat Maritime.

By Rebecca Jeffrey