LIFE SAVER: The Jason’s Cradle man overboard rescue system is set to feature in the new Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks movie, Sully, which will be released later this year.

It tells the story of the Miracle on the Hudson, in 2009 a US Airline’s flight lost both engines and the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing on the Hudson River in New York

NY Waterways ferries were able to attend and deploy their Jason’s Cradles to retrieve Captain Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger and his 155 passengers and crew.

All NY Waterways ferries are equipped with Jason’s Cradle man overboard personnel retrieval devices, which played a part in saving everyone onboard the flight that day.

The movie includes footage of the ferries deploying the Jason’s Cradle devices, it premiers in the US on 9 September and in the UK on 2 December.

By Alice Mason