The UK''s Ocean Scientific International Ltd has added a new low-cost, low-power satellite modem to its range of telemetry equipment.

The system will publish data (including traditionally high cost/volume currents and waves) from any location globally using the Iridium satellite network.

Conventionally current and wave data transmitted via satellite has proved expensive for the end user owing to the large amount of data produced, but this new system handles the data differently.

Monthly line rental costs are minimal and data costs are kept low (as little as 4p per message) by using SBD messaging with big bundle deals available for multiple or long term deployments.

The Iridium satellite network offers pole-to-pole coverage, a strong signal, a short transmission path and short registration time.

OSIL specialises in providing integrated monitoring systems for the marine environment and can offer multiple telemetry options on the same platform.

By Anne-Marie Causer