German company WehrTechnische Dienststelle, WTD 7, has selected the MacArtney Focus 2 ROTV system as a basic tool for its development efforts.

The advantages of the FOCUS 2 ROTV as a flexible instrumentation platform were recognised by the researchers at WTD 71, especially in terms of developing new underwater technologies for the German navy.

“We consider it a unique opportunity for MacArtney’s engineering team to carry out the very positive and challenging teamwork with WTD 71,” said Torsten Turla, managing director of MacArtney.

He added: “Aiming to develop new underwater technologies for the German navy, WTD 71 has stipulated a number of demands that we have done our utmost to meet. The result is most satisfactory to all parties involved and we look forward to continuing our good and productive working relationship with WTD 71.”

With the purpose of testing SAS sonar technologies for mine detection, a full scale on-site demo of a Raytheon ProSAS installed on a Focus 2 ROTV system was organised for WTD 71.

By Alice Mason