Macduff Ship Design, based in the North-East of Scotland, has announced the launch of Macduff Marine Surveyors.

It aims to provide professional and practical functions in statutory workboat coding, marine insurance damage cover, vessel valuations for banks and financial institutions, and new construction supervision.

As well as, project management for vessel conversion work, towage certification for insurance companies and tonnage measurement.

Macduff Marine Surveyors was unveiled at Seawork International to fill a gap in the industry caused by the diminishing presence of qualified marine surveyors in the North-East of Scotland, according to Macduff.

Equipment levels for survey purposes include; computer system, thickness meters, noise meters and general survey equipment.

Principal surveyor at the new company is Jim McDonald, who has a long history with the marine industry at sea and as a Marine Superintendent.

Mr McDonald was recently appointed as an MCA /SCMS Code Surveyor to conduct surveys under the MCA Workboat Code of Practice.

Alongside this, Tillman & Co Ltd has been working alongside Macduff Marine Surveyors as a consultant, to provide valuable assistance and training during this process.

By Alice Mason