A major equipment delivery will help ensure the efficiency of Royal Boskalis Westminster’s new crane vessel.

Bokalift 2

Huisman's 4,000mt Offshore Mast Crane will be installed on Bokalift 2. Image: Huisman

Huisman will deliver a 4,000mt Offshore Mast Crane (OMC) to Boskalis for installation on its crane vessel, Bokalift 2. With a lifting capacity of 4,000mt at 100m above deck, this crane is capable of lifting jackets for wind turbines off the deck of the vessel.

A fly jib allows lifting of smaller components up to a height of 125m above deck. The configuration of the hoisting tackles is such that the crane is capable of lifting large jackets and of upending long (mono)piles from a horizontal to vertical position.

The crane is outfitted with a carefully selected number of auxiliary systems, aimed specifically at installing tall structures while the vessel is subject to wave induced motions.

Launch project

The launching project for the crane vessel will be the installation of jackets for the Taiwanese Changfang and Xidao offshore wind farm project, which was awarded to Boskalis recently.

The characteristics of the Huisman mast crane have proven to be advantageous for offshore construction vessels. These cranes have a small footprint and no tailswing, which leaves maximum space on the deck of the vessel for payload.

With its ability to lift structures more than 100m high, Huisman’s Offshore Mast Crane is expected to make the Bokalift 2 a flexible value adding asset, well positioned for the installation of current and future generation offshore wind turbine foundations.

Huisman delivered the 3,000mt Offshore Mast Crane for the Bokalift 1 in 2017.

By Rebecca Jeffrey