The repair works of the original section of the Bajo Guadalquivir canal.

Spain's economic development minister has sent a second proposal to the EC regarding the country's stevedoring model. Credit: Grey World.

MCJ Ref No: 1348/E/08
Project Stage: Early Information
Area: Madrid, Spain
Promoter: Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, General Directorate of Water, General Sub-directorate of Programming and Economic and Budgetary Management, Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz s/n, Madrid, 28071, Spain
E-mail:; Tel: +34 915 975 738
Value: 28,287,601 EUR
Contact: Gema T. Torres Sanchez

Profile: The repair works of the original section of the Bajo Guadalquivir canal. The following are the objects of the works: the execution of a new coating on the slopes of the canal; equipping the beacons with Taintor-type gates, with lateral spillways regulated with vertical gates, in addition to incorporating automation and remote control systems; the repairs, tuning and even the replacement of the gates of the channels is of the Lower Guadalquivir Channel, the Lower Valley Channel and the Download Channel; the regrowth of the current section of the Canalfor the future flow needs for the Modernization of the Rice Sector and, in addition, include the study of the current foundation conditions of the existing aqueducts and the design of the reinforcement needs that could be estimated to support the increase in flow; and, given that the works will be carried out with the canal in service, it will force the execution of provisional diversions of the canal at critical points. For further information please visit:

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