A dyke is being raised 10m above sea level between two villages on the west coast of Germany


MCJ Ref No: 1347/E/69

Project Stage: Contract Award
Area: Krummhorn-Pewsum, Germany
Promoter: Deichacht Krummhorn, Krummhorn-Pewsum, 26736, Germany
E-mail: rosenberg@deichacht-krummhoern.de
Value: 7,316,138 EUR

Profile: Contract awarded for the raising and strengthening of the main dyke between Upleward and Manslagt.

Tender Details: Open Procedure
Date of Award: 06/03/2023
Tenders Received: 5
Supplier/Contractor: Jeschke GmbH Bauunternehmen, Blomberg, Germany; Herfeld G. GmbH, Rechtsupweg, Germany; Strabag AG, Jade, Germany
Dated: 13/03/2023

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