Tenders have been invited for the construction and operation of a container terminal on the central quay at the Port of Bilbao in Spain.

The Port of Bilbao is one of the most important transport and logistics centres in the European Atlantic Arc. The UK, Russia, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries are among its main markets.

Port of Bilbao invites tenders

Port of Bilbao invites tenders

To begin this year, the construction will have an operational surface areas of 30 hectares (300,000m2).

“Improving the connectivity and intermodality of the port of Bilbao and attracting new traffic and shipping lines are strategic objectives of the Port Authority of Bilbao,” says the port authority. “The existence of regular maritime routes which can be used for import and export by production and manufacturing companies and, in general, by business in the catchment area of the port of Bilbao, reduces costs, pollutant emissions and logistical lead times, and contributes to greater competitiveness.

“The port, therefore, is a key player in terms of improving the quality, efficiency, innovation and sustainability of its surrounding area.”

Several international operators, the authority says, have “confirmed that the port of Bilbao is in a favourable position to be a real alternative to address the problem of congestion in the ports of Northern Europe, together with the possibility of attracting direct transoceanic regular lines and transit traffic”.

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