US-headquartered Globecomm Maritime, which describes itself as one of the leading providers of global connectivity services, is bringing increased efficiency and flexibility to the maritime communications market with the launch of metered VSAT plans.

The plans include a range of data bundles, two Voice over IP (VoIP) lines, a Nimbus Smartbox and the option for Over-The-Top (OTT) provisioning of additional services. In addition to a typical 5GB core bundle for the ship’s main business, the crew can access a separate bundle over a dedicated LAN or use the VSAT service on a pay as you go basis.

Because the data that each user group consumes is visible separately, management can keep costs and accounting separate for these groups and identify costs for additional services with split billing and exact allocation.

President of Globecomm Maritime, Malcolm McMaster, said: “The Globecomm VSAT network was designed from the ground up with the flexibility to create and deliver a multitude of service plans. This approach to billing means we can move away from the concept of ‘all you can eat’ and get much closer to providing exactly what customers need, in a way that is most responsive to their changing needs”.

By Jake Frith