For the 20th consecutive year MIT will be exhibiting at Seawork where it will showcase why it is one of the leading experts in marine propulsion and driveline systems.

One of the systems it will have on display will be the Transfluid Electric/Hybrid driveline system which allows an operator to work in three specific modes: Electric propulsion, engine propulsion or booster.

It uses electric propulsion, to drive or sail at zero emissions in absolute silence; Engine Propulsion, using the electric machine as a generator to recharge batteries and the Booster function, which allows the electric motor to assist the engine during acceleration providing extra torque to the driveline.

The system can be easily fitted to any transmission such as, marine gear boxes, hydrostatic transmissions, cardan shaft and water jets has an approved engine power of up to 1100kw (1475 hp), with the electric motor reaching 400 kw.

To install the HM system, all that is needed is an additional few hundred millimetres between the diesel engine and the transmission, allowing the unit to be fitted on new vessels or installed as a retrofit, making the system an ideal solution for ports and commercial operators.

Conference session

MIT, in collaboration with Goodchild Marine Services, will this year feature on the Seawork conference agenda, exploring how moving away from diesel power can aid the workboat sector.

The company will also be discussing standard marine drivelines and propulsion systems from across their product portfolio, including marine transmissions, single and multiple pump drives, standard and hybrid marine transmissions, anti-vibration systems, boat steering systems and air compressors.

Visit MIT at Seawork International on stand number PO5.

By Anne-Marie Causer