Allsalt Maritime is a design, manufacturing, and R&D firm specializing in mitigating human impact and vibration who owns both the Shoxs and Kinetix brands.

Every product we make is intended to support a smoother, safer ride in rough seas. We build rugged, marinized products that are always fit to fight. Our mission is to give you more days on the water.

SHOXS seats feature a patented and revolutionary impact mitigation design using marinized air shock technology to reduce physical impact on the passenger when traveling through rough waters. SHOXS impact mitigation seating is utilized by professional maritime organizations to aid in the prevention of long-term injury and fatigue resulting from exposure to impact and vibration on the water.

Kinetix is an advanced shock monitoring system that records impact exposure data on vessels, seats, and crew. A combination of hardware, software, and consultancy services allow maritime agencies to use the data to monitor short- and long-term shock and vibration exposure, investigate high impact events, and predict vessel maintenance intervals.

We deliver creative, effective solutions backed by science with technical experts in mechanical design and engineering, software and electronics development, mathematics and computer simulations, and the physics of shock and vibration.