AST is a global supplier of satellite and end-to-end remote communications. We provide a comprehensive range of devices, voice and data connectivity and empower our customers to optimise their operations.

Applied Satellite Technology (AST) Ltd is an independent provider of remote communication services with 30 years experience in delivering solutions to the maritime industry. Our experienced team of connectivity experts, network specialists and installation engineers are located all around the world in our offices in the UK, Europe, Americas, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. With digitalisation shaping the industry, we understand the needs of seafarers and challenges of the connected ship – we work with you to design and deliver the right solution for your vessel or fleet now and for the future.
AST is partnered with trusted satellite communication providers and innovative hardware manufacturers empowering us to deliver tailored solutions and a comprehensive range of terminals and devices, high quality voice and data connectivity solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our global coverage and leading smart solutions including L-band and VSAT services provides thousands of sea-going ships with resilient, powerful connectivity when they need it most. Through our enabling services and digital solutions such as INTEGRA Control; bandwidth management solution, IRIS; remote monitoring and asset tracking and iRAMS; data management and monitoring platform, our customers can optimise their operations, make informed decisions quicker and reduce their costs.