DMT Marine Equipment - Best deck winch supplier of 2021

Fast-growing DMT Marine Equipment must be doing a lot of things right. Over the past couple of years, the company’s equipment has appeared on the decks of a rapidly increasing list of vessels, particularly tugs.

This is the second year running that DMT has gained this award and that says something about its products. The range of winches is being specified by a growing number of designers, builders and owners, from an ever-expanding list of countries, who like their simplicity, durability, and reliability.

“We make no concessions on quality, as this is what makes a company reliable and preferred by customers,” DMT told Baird Maritime. “Price reduction is something we are not keen on doing, since that would involve using cheaper raw materials, equipment, and conservation methods, resulting in lower lifetimes or less reliable products.”

“This allows us to not only protect clients from making a decision based on price only, but also to protect ourselves from getting a bad reputation and high after-sales costs due to cheaper products. We produce our equipment with consideration for our clients’ specific requirements as well as with a thorough understanding that the product we deliver must be completely reliable and able to perform even under the harshest sea conditions, without any unexpected downtime.”

DMT said the key difference lies in the details such as calculation and respect for traceability from end-to-end, proving that the practical execution has been done accordingly. Also, details regarding the precision in outlining and mounting in a clean workshop are of huge importance when talking about the best quality. The tests that the company performs in-house are often witnessed by customers as a means of providing complete transparency.

In 2021, DMT continued focusing on efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its equipment and its production processes. The company tested various materials, invested in a number of alternative energy sources, and adjusted some parts of the production processes to accommodate the changes. Improvements were made to painting routines and in calculation methods for optimal cutting speeds, all while ensuring that satisfactory product quality was maintained.

DMT noted that 2021 presented some difficulties as a result of Covid 19.

“Besides the pandemic lasting longer than we expected,” the company told Baird Maritime, “there were also significant price increases in energy and raw materials. Our customers were also more cautious compared to before with regards to purchases.”

“Besides the pandemic lasting longer than we expected,” the company told Baird Maritime, “there were also significant price increases in energy and raw materials. Our customers were also more cautious compared to before with regards to purchases.”

DMT said that the Covid-19 pandemic was more challenging compared to the global financial crisis of 2008. Nonetheless, the pandemic provided opportunities for further growth. For instance, the company said it remained committed to continue reinvesting in technology that will help improve efficiency in manufacturing as well as maintain product quality.

“We have an optimistic outlook on the future as we rely on a wonderful, professional and enthusiastic team. We love to engineer and design the best possible solutions for our customers and we also strive to be that one-stop shop where they can find the right knowledge and answers as well as the support they need when they need it.”

DMT recognizes that a growing number of newbuild vessels no longer rely on winches. This is partly due to the fact that the deck machinery industry will be more focused towards achieving zero emissions, a process that the company claims will not be easy since it will require a complete change in the industry itself and in the way the hulls of vessels are designed.

“It takes a collective effort, and this objective can only be achieved by different parties contributing to compatible solutions and efforts to implement them.”

Another trend observed by the company is autonomous technology, particularly autonomous vessels that use autonomously operated winches.

“Being involved in such technology would be a challenge for us,” DMT told Baird Maritime, “but it is nonetheless a welcome one, alongside the development of wind propulsion systems. These developments show how the shipbuilding industry has come a long way from the days when it was still generally conservative. These days, only companies with highly creative minds thrive, as well as those that have tremendous appreciation for technology as well as respect for the environment.”

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