Jotun is the global leading provider of marine coatings, with established positions in protective, decorative and powder coatings worldwide. It has 39 production facilities and representation in over 100 countries.

Since 1926, Jotun has developed high-quality paints and coatings to protect property and beautify surroundings. Throughout the years, Jotun has grown to become one of the world’s largest paint companies, with 39 production facilities across the world, employing nearly 10,000 dedicated professionals united by an exceptionally strong corporate culture.
Jotun is a leading provider of coating solutions to the global marine fleet. Our Hull Performance Solutions is unique - with a new and transparent way of measuring hull performance along with a guaranteed maximum speed loss. Our antifouling solutions are regarded as the best in the market – which, together with our Onboard Maintenance Solution offer significant cost savings for the shipping industry.

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