Lamor chosen to operate EMSA’s North Sea equipment assistance service stockpile

The European Marine Safety Agency (EMSA) has awarded Lamor with a two-year contract to operate their Equipment Assistance Service (EAS) stockpile in the Netherlands.

The stockpile complements national preparedness and assists oil spill response operations at request in the North Sea region, covering eastern coastlines and sea areas of Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Benelux. The contract includes two two-yearly renewal options.

EMSA offers services to assist EU/EFTA member States for responding quickly, effectively and efficiently to marine oil pollution incidents from ships as well as oil and gas installations.

The Equipment Assistance Service (EAS) consists of stand-alone oil pollution response equipment stockpiles in selected areas around Europe. This service complements the response capacity available through EMSA’s network of oil spill response vessels. The EAS equipment is on stand-by, ready to be mobilised around-the-clock anywhere in European waters and shared sea basins.

Following a request for assistance, the maximum mobilisation time required is 12 hours. In addition to the equipment, the requesting party can also hire technical support personnel to assist with the equipment familiarisation.

This is the second EAS contract for Lamor. The northernmost EMSA EAS Northern Baltic Sea, located in Finland, has been managed and operated by Lamor since 2019.

“We are delighted that our offer has been selected for this EAS”, says Magnus Miemois, Lamor’s Senior Vice President Eurasia. “For Lamor it is seen as an award for our continuous commitment to assist our customers with high level reliable service.”

EMSA has a total of five equipment assistance service stockpiles around the coastlines of Europe.

Lamor has decades of experience in innovation and know-how of oil spill response technology and prevention. Its abilities have proven reliable in some of the world’s harshest environments. Lamor’s technology and services help to protect sensitive sea areas and coasts from the negative effects of potential oil spill.

Magnus Miemois, Senior Vice President, Lamor Eurasia
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Mathias Lindroos, Director, Environmental Protection, Technology
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