Med Marıne and Igmar (Member Of SPANOPOULOS) Sıgned Contract For Med-A2875 Serıes Tug

MED MARINE and IGMAR (MEMBER OF SPANOPOULOS GROUP), signed a contract for the construction and delivery of a MED-A2875 series tug on May 17, 2024.  

The RAstar 2800 series tug is scheduled to be delivered to her new owner in Greece in September 2024.

The MED-A2875 RAstar 2800 series Terminal – Escort Tug, measuring 28 meters in length and boasting a 75-ton bollard pull capacity, will be equipped to meet Class FIFI-1 requirements. It is constructed as a multi-purpose tug, working off a forward winch and an aft winch for ship handling, towing, pushing, mooring, firefighting facilities and also equipped with an aft towing hook.

Ms. Melis Ucuncu, Business Development Director at MED MARINE, commented “As Med Marine, our primary goal is to meet our customers’ demands in the best possible way. We are delighted that Spanopoulos Group has chosen us to build this powerful Terminal – Escort Tug. It is gratifying to see our commitment to quality recognized by our customers.”



Technical specifications of the tugboat:
Length 28,40 m
Breadth 13 m
Depth 5,40 m
Draft 5,70 m
Gross Tonnage <500
Bollard pull 75 tons
Speed 12 knots
Crew 8-10 person

Med Marine is a leading Turkish shipbuilder and leading tugboat operator. The company employs Eregli Shipyard, one of the largest shipyards in Turkey based on some 180.000 sqm with more than 30.000 sqm indoor areas to build state-of-the-art tugboats, workboats, offshore vessels and coated/Stainless Steel (STST) IMO II type chemical/oil tankers, either for its own operations or clients around the world. Med Marine has a wide selection of state-of-the-art tugboat design portfolio and the shipyard is constantly being improved with advanced production standards by keeping up with latest health, safety and environmental regulations. Med Marine has successfully completed the construction and delivery of almost 200 projects, including tugboats, chemical/oil tankers, mooring and pilot boats. Eregli Shipyard, owned by Med Marine Group, has received certifications for “Shipyard Security Compliance” and “Shipyard Production Compliance” certificates to build naval ships for Turkish Military and NATO.

Igmar consists the new shipping arm of Spanopoulos Group. Spanopoulos Group, has over 50 years of experience, obtained through a widespread number of activities in the marine and offshore field. Utilizing its fleet of over 100 multipurpose vessels, it has undergone a gradual progress in order to be in line with the best and latest marine industry practices. The Group offers a full spectrum of marine services such as harbour and ocean towage, port operation /handling, sea transportation, salvage & wreck removals, marine engineering & port construction, hydrographic services and environmental protection and off shore services, based on a wide range of innovative, upgraded and highly productive vessels and has a strong presence in Greece, Meditteranean, Egypt and United Arab Emirates.

The Group also fully owns 2shipyards in the wider area of Piraeus Port, one commercial fully equipped shipyard unit, of approximately 100.000 sq.m, which is located on the island of Salamis and one shipyard specially designed for servicing Mega Yachts in Perama, which consists of 17,000 sq.m capable of accommodating more than 30 yachts from 25m up to 65m and 2,500 sq.m housing offices, workshops, storage areas, library, café.MED MARINE and IGMAR (MEMBER OF SPANOPOULOS GROUP), signed a contract for the construction and delivery of a MED-A2875 series tug on May 17, 2024.