Med Marıne announces successful delıvery of MED-A2565 tug to Arrendadora Contınental, S.A.

Med Marine, a leading provider of top-tier tugboats proudly announces the successful delivery of the MED-A2565 class Robert Allan Ramparts 2500-W design tugboat for esteemed client Arrendadora Continental, S.A.

Arrendadora Continental, S.A. carefully selected Med Marine’s MED-A2565 unit for its exceptional operational versatility, positioning it as an optimal choice for terminal escort and harbour towage operations. The vessel is equipped with cutting-edge systems to ensure safety in all operational circumstances. The newly built tugboat, named “MONTERRICO” by her owner, has been delivered to Guatemala and started her duty in supporting Arrendadora Continental’s marine operations.

The RAmparts 2500W series vessel is constructed as a multi-purpose tug of 25 m, delivering 72 tons of bollard pull, and is equipped to meet Class FIFI-E requirements. MONTERRICO will support Arrendadora Continental in their horbour operations, working off a forward winch for ship handling, towing, pushing, mooring, firefighting facilities and also equipped with an aft towing hook.

Melis Üçüncü, Med Marine’s Business Development Director, expressed her comments about the partnership: “We are extremely thrilled about the opportunity to construct this compact vessel for Arrendadora Continental, S.A. and are honored to have them as our esteemed business partner. This delivery underscores our unwavering commitment to providing reliable and innovative maritime solutions to our clients. Med Marine remains dedicated to further enhancing the trust placed in us by Arrendadora Continental. This marks their third acquisition of a tugboat from Med Marine, a testament to our standing as a dependable partner in their maritime endeavors.”

Technical specifications of the tugboat:
Length: 25,2 m
Breadth: 12 m
Depth: 4,60m
Draft: 5,75 m
Crew: 8 person
Bollard Pull: 72 tons
Speed: 12 Knots

About Med Marine:
Med Marine is a leading Turkish shipbuilder and leading tugboat operator. The company employs Eregli Shipyard, one of the largest shipyards in Turkey based on some 180.000 sqm with more than 30.000 sqm indoor areas to build state-of-the-art tugboats, workboats, offshore vessels and coated/Stainless Steel (STST) IMO II type chemical/oil tankers, either for its own operations or clients around the world. Med Marine has a wide selection of state-of-the-art tug boat design portfolio and the shipyard is constantly being improved with advanced production standards by keeping up with latest health, safety and environmental regulations. Med Marine has successfully completed the construction and delivery of almost 200 projects, including tugboats, chemical/oil tankers, mooring and pilot boats. Eregli Shipyard, owned by Med Marine Group, has received certifications for “Shipyard Security Compliance” and “Shipyard Production Compliance” certificates to build naval ships for Turkish Military and NATO.