The Nivalis engineering team have pioneered the use of Ice Pigging from conception with Professor Joe Quarini at Bristol University through to the current Nivalis equipment that is used in bespoke applications in many parts of the world.

Ice Pigging utilises the special properties of an Ice slurry manufactured by Nivalis designed and built machinery. The ice that is produced has an additive to maintain the freezing point below zero (usually around -5 degrees Celsius). There are many options when it comes to this additive. This ice slurry is delivered to our customers systems providing greatly enhanced cleaning and allowing our manufacturing customers high product recovery rates.

In order for us to present the benefits of Ice Pigging that are specific to the customer, we need some information exchange. We can then calculate the volumes of ice required. Our ice flows as a liquid through bends and changes in diameter and valves and pumps but we still need to know some information about the customers pipe layout.

The Nivalis engineering team continue to learn and develop our technology. We continue to invest in R&D and remain true to our principles of continuous improvement.

Although Ice Pigging is used in many industries and the equipment is tried and tested (over many years) we still want to see what else we can achieve.

In 2019 we were asked to Ice Pig fuel systems to remove bio contamination, can this be done asked the customer? We’re not sure was our response. Fast forward to now and we are seen as best available technique for cleaning our customers ships fuel systems.

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