Ensure operational readiness while reducing cost and saving fuel with Propspeed®. Superior in-field performance, technical support, and over 21 years in the marine industry.

For over 21 years Propspeed has been dedicated to protecting the performance of underwater assets™. We have developed a product range that is unrivalled, offering three premium foul-release coatings – Propspeed, Foulfree™ and Lightspeed™.

Propspeed is the original foul-release coating, recognised globally as the best solution to prevent marine growth and aid in protection from corrosion on running gear and all underwater metals. Our super slick coating system saves you time and money through increased efficiency and reduced operational costs.

Propspeed also reduces the risk of corrosion by electrically isolating the metal, as well as limiting the exchanges between the ions and the gases contained in the water and the metal. In short, if a reaction can’t occur, there will be no corrosion.

Foulfree, certified by Airmar, is the latest addition to the Propspeed product line. Fouling on the face of transducers can reduce their sensitivity, bottom-echo returns and positive fish targets. Foulfree keeps transducers clean and operating at the top of their game for the clearest sonar images possible.

Lightspeed, endorsed by Lumishore, is a transparent foul-release coating that protects underwater lights from marine growth, providing an easy and affordable way for boat owners to reduce maintenance, protect their investment, and maintain lighting system performance.

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