Since setting up business in 1979 we’ve been committed to providing quality products and services, with our quality system ISO 9001:2015 ensuring that our range of industrial fasteners always meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations. As a leading supplier and distributor of specialist fasteners, and thanks to our large quantities of stock, we’re able to offer speedy deliveries within next day of dispatch in the UK and free local delivery around the Sutton-In-Ashfield and Nottinghamshire area.

In addition to our industrial product lines we offer a comprehensive catalogue of marine grade A4 stainless steel fixings and hardware. This range includes an assortment of vital components such as eye bolts, eye nuts, shackles, quick links, spring hooks, tensioners, plates and more. A4 grade stainless steel is always the preferred choice in marine applications, its exceptional corrosion resistance ensures that it thrives in the demanding saltwater environment, offering longevity and reliability for marine rigging and equipment. Additionally, its polished finish contributes to the visual appeal even on premium high end marine vessels, as it resists staining and discoloration over time. We are proud to bring this range of products to the UK market, catering to the varied needs of shipbuilders, maritime professionals and enthusiasts.