Press release: Solé Diesel presents a new name for a legacy of over 100 years

Introducing Solé Advance to the world, a repositioning that reflects its vision for the future in the nautical sector.

The rebranding has been developed by the brand consultancy Branward and represents the starting point towards a new horizon for the company.

Barcelona, Spain – 13/06/2024
Solé Diesel, a renowned manufacturer of marine engines and generators based in Barcelona with a history of over 112 years, presents its new brand: Solé Advance. This strategic repositioning has led to a name change and a new visual identity, representing a complete brand renewal, reflecting its ongoing commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Solé Advance: A vision for the future
With Solé Advance, the company consolidates its century-old legacy and prepares for a new stage focused on a more sustainable future in the nautical sector through innovation. Its new visual identity reinforces the family pride under a solid personality, strengthened by constant progress.

The new brand is more than just a logo change. It represents a profound transformation that reflects the evolution of our traditional values and our commitment to the future of the nautical sector.”  
- Marieli Solé, CEO of Solé Advance

The commitment of Solé Advance
By maintaining the best of its heritage and combining it with a bold vision for the future, Solé Advance commits to remaining the ideal partner for all those seeking the best in marine propulsion and onboard electrical power. The experience, combined with a renewed approach and a mindset of progress, allows it to offer comprehensive solutions to support its customers at all times.

”We continue our tradition of offering first-class products and solutions that guarantee maximum peace of mind on every sea voyage. From reliable Marine Engines to high-performance Generators and the most versatile Marine Accessories, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs, wherever they are.”

New horizons
The repositioning is encapsulated in the new brand idea of Solé Advance, “Sailing to new horizons,” which synthesizes its ambition to continue growing and leading in the provision of innovative and sustainable solutions for the nautical sector, always adapted to the current and future market needs.

A bright future for Solé Advance
With its new brand and renewed vision, Solé Advance is poised to succeed, confident in its experience, commitment to quality, and innovative approach, which will enable it to remain a reference in the nautical sector for many years to come.

About Solé Advance
Solé Advance manufactures and markets marine engines, generators, propellers, and accessories, utilizing the new technology and over 100 years of accumulated experience. Always adhering to the highest quality standards, it creates robust, reliable, and low-maintenance products that offer maximum safety.