UK coastal telecoms company Buzz Networks has announced the launch of its new CrewCode service, which it claims to be a cost effective communications system allows owners, charterers and operators to monitor, control and monetise data usage for vessels.

CrewCode is a voucher based service, similar to those used in hotels, whereby users are given, or may purchase, a code for data in fixed amounts (500MB, 1GB, 2GB etc.) to access onboard wi-fi networks.

When in range of coastal 3G/4G networks, which can extend up to 20 miles offshore, the Hubba X system delivers low cost data from mobile networks onshore. When out of range of the lower cost shore based services, CrewCode can switch to the vessels VSAT system to provide uninterrupted connection. An online portal is available to operators, which enables the monitoring of usage and billing information.

By Jake Frith